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Kentec QVGA S1 TM4C123 SPI Driver


I see that new booster pack Kentec QVGA S1 has been changed from 8-bit parallel interface to SPI interface. So I am attaching the driver for new interface (SPI Interface) and I hope that it will be helpful for others.

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Sattar Malokani2844.Kentec320x240x16_SSD2119_SPI.c5557.Kentec320x240x16_SSD2119_SPI.h

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    Okay i just posted one int he TM4C forum
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    Guys - Having just received a Kentec QVGA S1, I'd like to see how to integrate it with either the MSP-EXP430FR5969 or the EK-TM4C129.

    IE, I know I have some work ahead - but which examples are the best jumping-off point?
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    I should certainly answer my own question here. Contained in the TivaWare 'complete' download are examples for the Kentec display. Build and run cleanly out-of-the-box on the EK-TM4C1294EXL. ( Apologies for the noob questions; am new to the TI ecosystem. )

    Thanks to all who contributed to this!

    ( Would love to find the most current revision of the Workshop 10, which references the new spi interface for the Kentec )

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    Would love to find the most current revision of the Workshop 10 ... references the new spi interface

    Might that "love" first require the creation of such a revision?       Neither firm nor I use this - yet I cannot recall any "hint or promise" of such a revision.

    Thus - has anyone any awareness of such an update to poster's requested, "Workshop 10?"     (employing the new SPI interface)