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RTOS/TM4C129XNCZAD: Cannot check Enable Logs button

Part Number: TM4C129XNCZAD

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

I am unable to check the box for enabling logs in the XGCONF Runtime window. I am allowed to check them, but after saving, the box becomes unchecked.

  • What version of TI-RTOS, XDCtools and CCS are you using?
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    CCS version
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    Hi Peter,

    I used your exact setup and imported the empty driver project. I was able to graphically change this. Do you have the .cfg as a read-only file? Can you attach your entire .cfg file?

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    The problem changed slightly. Today, I can check the boxes, but after saving, the boxes become unchecked. I can change the System Stack size. this option is in the same window, so I assume the cfg file is writable. The .cfg file is attached. 

    For background, I am trying to follow the TI-RTOS workshop series. As a workaround, I am able to click a radio button above for "Instrumented (Asserts and Logs enabled)". This resulted in logs being created.


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    The next lab in the workshop involves importing an example project. The example projects .cfg file can be edited graphically and be saved OK.

    In the new unziped example .cfg file, clicking "Instrumented (Asserts and Logs enabled)" radio button automatically checks "Enable Logs" and greys that option out.

    In my original buggy .cfg file, clicking "Instrumented (Asserts and Logs enabled)" radio button leaves "Enable Logs" unchecked and greys that option out.

    The attached picture is of my original .cfg file. The check boxes are greyed out. The expectation is that they would auto-fill enabled.

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    The CPU clock frequency can not be edited too. The text field always resets to "N/A" when I click out or hit enter.

    The problem doesn't exist on the new unziped .cfg file.

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    I'm not able to reproduce any of the issues you are seeing. I'll ping a co-worker to see if they have seen this. What version of Windows are you using? What's the full path name fort the .cfg file?


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    This problem is present on any new project I create. To create a new project, I select Tiva TM4C123GH6PM for the target. The connection is Stellaris In-Circuit Debug Interface. I use a Project template: TI-RTOS Examples -> EK-TM4C123GXL Evaluation Kit -> Driver Examples -> TI Driver Examples -> Empty Project.

    From this configuration, I go strait to the graphical Runtime window and try to enable logs. Only "Enable Assets" is clickable. After saving, the check for "Enable Assets" is unchecked. However an diff of the empty.efg reveals that BIOS.logsEnabled = false; has changes to BIOS.logsEnabled = null;

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    Can you attach the .metadata/.log file from your workspace? Can you reproduce the problem and then close CCS and attach the file?

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    I repeated the steps from my previous post. The log file is attached. I have to rename it to .log.txt due to the demands of this website.