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Part Number: TM4C1294NCPDT

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am using TM4C1294NCPDT controller and want to interface device to it using bluetooth. Provide the code for it.

  • Hitesh Mankar
    ... want to interface device to it using bluetooth.      Provide the code for it.

    Are not such "Bluetooth devices" interfaced via "several, differing methods?"       UART, SPI, i2C - all come to mind.

    SPI & I2C are generally "predictable" in their required signal levels - such proves, "not the case" for UART.      And - the mismatch of such "levels" - when the Bluetooth device employs a, "UART line driver" - and (those boosted signals) "direct connect"  to their MCU's UART pins - too often proves "destructive" to their TM4C (or any) MCU!

    In light of this report - might it be best for you to (somewhat) describe the "specific" interface required by your chosen, Bluetooth device?

    Lastly - your wording, "Provide the code" registers as, "Too Direct - even Commanding" - which is unlikely to be appreciated - by many here.     (especially as you have, "Launched a request" -  for an (unusual) level of  "Service!"  ... i.e. "FULL SERVICE!")

    You do,  "express your want" - yet absent is your recital of (any), "Efforts you've already made" - in your own behalf.      Many/most here prefer, "Guiding Requesting Posters" - rather than, "Doing ALL of their work" - thus "depriving posters" of their, "full/proper" Learning Experience...

  • You can check out the examples ble_btool and ble_central under <TivaWare_Installation>/examples/boards/dk_tm4c129x.