EK-LM4F120XL support for nand/nor flashing (SPI programming)

hi, guys does anyone know if this board can flash nand/nor or jtag?

can it run U-boot? maybe however the file look way to big... https://github.com/EmcraftSystems/u-boot

and can anyone proved source code or binary for these tasks?

overall I am looking for an alternative to my slow buspirate.

Found some source code for Cortex-M3 based STM32-core processor

SPI programming.


SPI Flashing.


and some opensource JTAG


ha...I am starting to give-up....

Please help if you know something better or have any leads

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  • I am not familiar with buspirate and so cannot offer any comparisons.

    Typically u-boot is run on ARM A series processors.  The A series is intended for higher end applications and processing tasks such as mobile phone and tablets usually running a sophisticated OS such as Android or Linux. The Stellaris LaunchPad is an ARM Cortex M4 with floating point.  The M series is a truly embedded processor often run with no OS at all or a simple RTOS. If you can find u-boot running on an M4 or M3 class of device then it may be able to be ported to our device.  I am not aware of u-boot running on an M class device.

    The Stellaris LaunchPad does have multiple ports that can perform SPI operations with hardware assistance.  We use the term SSI for this module.

    We currently offer a more feature packed evaluation kit with the same family of processor.  This would be the closest reference point currently available The EK-LM4F232 has many code examples with source and binaries for multiple tool chains including gcc.  Download http://www.ti.com/tool/sw-ek-lm4f232.  Once extracted the StellarisWare\boards directory is the primary place to find examples.  You will also find a complete library of drivers for all the peripherals on the device. Many of the examples you find for the EK-LM4F232 would be a simple port to the Stellaris LaunchPad.  The LM4F232 does have many features not present on the LM4F120.