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CCS/TM4C123GH6PGE: TM4C123GH6PGE EEPROM start/end Address

Part Number: TM4C123GH6PGE

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

- I dont find start/end address of TM4C123GH6PGE

pls, show me

  • The EEPROM is not a directly addressable memory from the CPU. The CPU has to go through the EEPROM Controller to access any specific word of EEPROM.

    Please refer to the Driverlib userguide on the APIs to access the EEprom. Examples will be EEPROMProgram and EEPROMRead() to write/read the EEprom.



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  • In reply to Charles Tsai:

    This mean: EEPROM address i anywhere from 0x0000.0000 to 0x00040000 ( in FLASH memory ) ?
    And you must #define FLASH addres because .resetVect is in 0x0000.0000
    My ideal:
    #define EEPROM_BASE 0x00000000
    #define EEPROM_SIZE 0x0800 /* 2kb EEPROM */
    #define FLASH_BASE 0x00000800 -> increase FLASH address ???
    #define RAM_BASE 0x20000800
    #define BACKUPRAM_BASE 0x20000000
    #define BACKUPRAM_SIZE 0x0800 /* 2kb Backup RAM */

    EEPROM (RWX) : origin = EEPROM_BASE, length = 0x00000800
    FLASH (RX) : origin = FLASH_BASE, length = 0x00040000
    SRAM (RWX) : origin = RAM_BASE, length = (0x00008000 - BACKUPRAM_SIZE)
    BACKUP_RAM (RWX) : origin = BACKUPRAM_BASE, length = 0x00000800

    That's right ?
  • In reply to Ho Viet Dao:

    No, EEPROM is NOWHERE inside FLASH memory.
    It is a totally separate thing.
    These EEPROM addresses are specific inside the EEPROM memory, and are not related to FLASH or to anything that you can access via LINKER configurations or debugging view. Only the TivaWare api's (or direct register) can obtain data from the EEPROM.