TIDM-TM4C129POEAUDIO: Multi-Cast Audio and Touch Screen Display



Does the implementation support a one to many one-way audio call? If not, can it be modified to support a one to many?

Does the graphics library and TM4C129 support a 7" display? If so, what displays are recommended?

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  • Hi Ricardo,
    The TI design you refer to is to demonstrate point-to-point voice over IP communication. I tend to think that it can be done for one-to-many communication as it is more a software thing to deal with. However, we don't have any example for it.




  • Seven inch (diagonal - assumed TFT) display appears bit beyond the "EPI" capability of this class MCU.     You may confirm this via use of this forum's Search Vehicle (atop this forum page.)

    Most "modern, pixel rich displays" exceed the capability provided here.    (QVGA (320x240) appears (near) the upper bound here - and that's "too pixel sparse" - for any 7" diagonal display!)     There is a very recent posting here - in which "difficulty" with a 7" display is noted - and I believe other postings confirm such result...    (Forum Search will locate - enable your confirmation...)

    Rather than "Display diagonal" is not the "real issue" the "display's resolution" - and the "depth of color?"      Any candidate display you seek  will list the display's "dot clock frequency" - and you must see if that meets the capability of your chosen MCU.  

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    Hello and thank you for your response!

    So we are looking at the following resolutions:

    800 x 480

    840 x 480

    or 1024 x 600

    need to be able to drive the display with RGB and using something like TivaWare for the graphics. No OS such as Linux or Windows.

    What TI chip would you recommend if you strictly look at the features of TI reference design with the addition of a more capable display driver..

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    Hello Charles,
    How can we ask the design engineer (Amit Ashara) for his input to be sure?
    thank you, Ricardo
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    Ricardo Garcia

    So we are looking at the following resolutions: 800 x 480,  840 x 480,  or 1024 x 600.  

    Good that - shows that you've well considered - "done your homework."      At the risk (again) of blasphemy - I believe ALL of those resolutions to EXCEED the "comfort level" of this vendor's Cortex M4 MCUs.   And - vendor's graphic program may (also) be (severely) challenged.      (Firm/I do not use - you must check for "Max Resolution" accommodated by their Graphic Program.)

    This usually resolves to two choices:

    • search for & identify a "more suitable/Graphic accommodating" Cortex M4 (or M7) MCU w/ more extensive, "built-in" Graphic HW.       (to even include a Graphic Accelerator)
    • select a display w/a built in Graphic Display Controller - such as SSD1963 (or similar).      That Control IC manages the persistent scan of memory & display drive - which exceeds the ability (by far) of even vendor's EPI interface.    (for the higher resolution displays - you have introduced.

    As an "outsider" (just like you) I've no specific "vendor chip" recommendations.       (I've sinned enough, already)      You may "enable conversations" here - & contact me via forum PM - should you seek further detail/and or opinion/recommendation...