DK-TM4C129X: Problem determining what causes FaultISR

Part Number: DK-TM4C129X

Hello everyone.

I'm using IAR and FreeRTOS.

Like the title says, I'm getting into the FaultISR infinite loop. In order to determine what casuses this problem, I follow the instructions on spma043 document and found this:

I check the Fault Status and it has a value of 0x00008200, that according with the register description, it means that there is an error and that FAULTADDR register is holding a valid fault address.

So I checked FAULTADDR and it has the next value:

Like you can see the value is 0x1FFFFFF4, but investigating I see that correspond to reserve memory and I can figure out what is causing the problem.

So I followed the next suggestion and went to the Stack Pointer and see that it has the value of 0x2001E020 and then I went to that direction int he disassembly and I found the next:

But that doesn't tell me nothing to me.

So I'm still confused, how can I know what is causing the problem?

Regards, Juan.