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DRV10983: An issue while Driving Ceiling Fan using DRV10983

Part Number: DRV10983

Hello all,

I'm driving Ceiling fan BLDC motor with interfaced DRV10983 driver. My problem is BLDC motor isn't rotating smoothly and as per require speed.

I think i have problem with configuration I2C register.

Can anyone suggest me a solution for that?

Motor parameter:


1.5 Amps



Phase resistance: 2.78Ohm

Kt: 440

  • In reply to Vrajesh Prajapati:

    When you say "i want same thing with more than quicker time period", I'm assuming your saying you want the motor to start from a lower speed and be able to spin successfully. 

    I will check with my coworkers on this, and get back to you.

  • In reply to Sanmesh Udhayakumar:

    Hey Vrajesh,

    The abnormal speed lock appearing might have to do with the kt and R being entered being wrong. What is your kt phase to phase and Rphase_to_CT entered? Is it 411 mV/Hz and 1.54 ohms as mentioned before?
    1) For Kt, make sure your motor kt is actually 411 mV/Hz or whatever you entered by manually measuring it with an oscilloscope as mentioned in the tuning guide (www.ti.com/.../slou395d.pdf). Also when the motor is spinning, check what the Kt is being measured in registers MotorKt1 and MotorKt2, and see if it matches what you entered. Kt (mV/Hz)= {MotorKt1:MotorKt2 Hex value} *1000 / 2 /1090. Let me know what the kt being measured by the MotorKt1 and MotorKt2 registers is. Also try entering the kt value calculated from MotorKt1 and MotorKt2 in the MotorParam2 Kt[6:0] field.
    2) For R, if your listed 2.78Ohm is your Phase to phase resistance, phast to CT resistanc entered in the GUI should be 2.78 ohms/2 = 1.39 ohms.

    Let me know if this helps.