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DRV10983: Adding resistor to measure current??

Part Number: DRV10983


     On the first page of the datasheet, I noticed this line: "For Flexibility User May Include External Sense
Resistor to Monitor Power Delivered to Motor".  I have scoured the datasheet (and this forum) for more info related to this but haven't found any more info.  Is there a thread that explains this or another PDF somewhere in TI's system with a diagram of the circuit?  My customer wants to read the motor current.  I told him that it may be discernible from the driver chip's registers (maybe a relative value, and that is okay), but I'm brand new to this chip and don't know how to do that.

     Thanks for any guidance you can provide!!


  • Ben,

    To measure the current you need an external sense resistor from PGND and GND similar to the figure below.

    There isn't a good way to get the current information from inside the IC.



  • In reply to Brian Schmidt:

    Thank you Brian!  I appreciate the quick answer.  The resistor placement is what I would have guessed but wanted someone with experience with this driver to verify my hunch.  Also, not being able to read a current value, even a relative one, from internal register values was not a surprise, but I thought I should ask before assuming I needed an external solution.

    Thanks again for the help!!