DRV8302: Output GL_X and GH_X when EN_GATE activated

Part Number: DRV8302


I am using a driver DRV8302 to pilot my brushless DC motor. 

Before using it with the motor, I have to make some test to verify if it works well. For example, first step was to verify is Driver responds well to the supply voltage (30V). I measure GVDD, DVDD and AVDD PIN and check the datasheet to see if it matches.

Everything is fine with that part so, after supplying my En_Gate with a 5V-PIN from my STM32, I measured each GL and GH pin and I have obtained the values below :

GH_X : 3.2V

GL_X : 3.8V

My driver is correctly bound to the ground.

Thanks for your answer

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