DRV8886: DRV8886 Current Sense Resistor

Part Number: DRV8886

Hello Team,

Our customer plans to use DRV8886 in their applications.
They want to monitor a current value, so they want to use under the following condition.

They want to mount a resistor(200mOHM//200mOHM//200mOHM) for a current sense between PGND_pin and PGND.
Do you have any problems about it?

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Shunsuke Goya

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  • Shunsuke,

    Sound like it is not a good idea. Do you want to check the output peak current or average current? IC has PGND pin and GND pin. Where is your PGND connected to? Is your PGND connected to IC's GND pin?

    If you want to check the peak current, the sensing circuit cannot synchronize to PWM switching frequency to setup a blank time or sense current before switching. So, we cannot get a good peak current measurement.
    If you want to check average current, we don't need put it between PGND and GND pin. Specially, maybe there is some connections between PGND and GND in the IC internal. Also, if we inject a resistance between PGND pin and GND pin, all control signal may inject a ground noise.

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    Wang Li

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