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CCS/DRV8881EEVM: drv 8881eevm Software

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Part Number: DRV8881EEVM

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I bought a EEVM 2 months ago and just can't get it to work since; this despite help from TI engineer. Just cannot install the software. Instruction manual does not help e.g. where it says install from web or install from file, I tried both options separately - no luck. Then when it gives 4 options to check (fig 16) I get only get 3, the last one launch I just don't get. So I end up with the icon on my desktop which doesn't work; when clicked it asks for the exe file and that's the end of it! Does anyone know how this works?

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    Just to close on this thread. 

    I had a call with Ken, GCRuntime v2.0.6 needed to be downloaded and installed. During installation we noticed that Windows 10 was configured to only install SW from Windows App Store, which prevented GCRuntime from getting installed. Once we relaxed that setting, Ken was able to install GC Runtime and then run the application. We were not able to fully confirm operation of the GUI as Ken did not have access to EVM. 


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    Tried installing on another computer, no luck. Here is the bitrock file. May be the same problem as before i.e. asks for nw.exe file and can't find it. I have access to this 2nd computer all day Monday 18/2 only.

    Log started 02/02/2019 at 15:33:30
    Preferred installation mode : win32
    Trying to init installer in mode win32
    Mode win32 successfully initialized
    [15:33:34] gc_major = 2
    [15:33:34] run time version required: 2.0.3
    [15:33:34] zipfile name is now install_image_DRV8881EEVM.zip
    No file was found that matched the pattern install_image_DRV8881EEVM.zip inside the base directory C:/Users/Dell/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp2_DRV8881EEVM_installer.zip
    Cannot delete file C:/Users/Dell/AppData/Local/Temp/bitrock_installer.log

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    Hi Ken,

    If you run GCRuntime installer independently and pick defaults then it will get installed in a wrong folder. This has been fixed in newer runtimes, but that particular one goes to wrong folder by default. During webex we made that change manually to correct the GC RUntime installation path.

    If you go through DRV8881EEVM application installer and select appropriate GCRuntime, then GC Application installer will properly override GC Runtimes installation directory.

    Thus the steps (You would probably need to uninstall GC Runtime first and GC App to have a clean starting point)

    On new computer download the GC RUntime from here:


    then unzip DRV8881EEVM_installer to folder and run GUIComposerApp-v1.0.setup-win_2.0.3.exe

    when you get to screen shown below select Install From file "gcruntime-2.0.6-windows-installer.exe"

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    Tried again as per your instruction; uninstalled and then tried to install - better than before i.e. got the 4 options but when i clicked on the icon nothing happened! Maybe a webex on Monday?

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    Martin is out this week. He will contact you to setup something when he gets back.



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    Hi Ken, 

    Could you let me know what time would work for you? 


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    Did you guys end up having a webex to resolve?


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