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DRV8343H-Q1EVM: Unable to select the control Mode

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Part Number: DRV8343H-Q1EVM

Hello Team,

I'm Yuta Kurimoto from TIJ.

Now our customer has been evaluating the DRV8343H-Q1 EVM and they are facing some issue.


Firstly they were driving the DRV8343H-Q1 by "sensorless motor" control mode. At that time there was no problem.

After that, they connected the Phase A node with GND in order to check about the protection feature. Then the DRV8343-Q1 stopped working and output Fault (I think it is due to overcurrent protection.). Customer re-enabled the device and the cleared fault.

After this, they launched the GUI again. They want to select "Sensored motor" or "Independently Drive upto 6 loads" control mode but they can't select it.

The GUI seems choosing the "sensorless motor" mode automatically.

Q. Can you let me know how to choose other control mode?

  • Kurimoto-San,

    Thanks for posting on the Motor Drives Forum!

    Did you follow the instructions for the hardware and software given in the Independent mode User's Guide shown here: http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/slvubc2/slvubc2.pdf

    There are some software changes that the GUI will look for and it will not work if these changes have not been made.

    The sensorless firmware on the MSP430 is different than the Independent firmware, you need to reflash the MSP430 with the new code if you want to switch from Sensorless to Independent.



  • In reply to Adam Sidelsky:

    Hello Adam,

    Thanks for your answer.

    Can you let me know the guideline how to reflash the MSP430 from sensorless to independent?

    Yuta Kurimoto

  • In reply to Yuta Kurimoto:


    Please follow the EVM User's Guide here: