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DRV2511-Q1: OUT+/OUT- tolerance at Standby

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Part Number: DRV2511-Q1

Hi team,

I am trying to driver VCM using DRV2511.

In order to minimize DC current loading on the VCM while not actively driving, I plan to put DRV2511 in STNDBY mode while DRV2511 doesn't drive the motor.

I concern if back EMF caused by VCM will damage or degrade the life time reliability of the device if back EMF is applied to OUT+/- pin when the device is in STDBY mode.

Is that OK to use the STDBY mode like this?

Is there any concern regarding to the reliability or device operation perspective?


  • Hi, Shinji,

    There shouldn't be any issue if you use the standby mode like this.

    My only suggestion is related to the absolute maximum ratings that the DRV2511-Q1 can achieve. You must ensure that the DC current on OUT+ and OUT- doesn't reach +/- 8A. Even if the outputs are protected and the devices goes to a shutdown mode when the overcurrent is reached, the device life time may be affected if the device is exposed under extended periods. If the back EMF doesn't result in a high current at these levels during standby mode, then there won't be any issue and the device life time won't be affected.

    I hope this is clear. Please let me know if you have additional questions or comments.

    Best regards,
    Luis Fernando Rodríguez S.

  • In reply to Luis Fernando Rodriguez S.:

    Hi Luis,

    Thank you for your prompt. It always helps me.