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DRV2625: Internal ROM library B for ERM and achieving maximum overdrive voltage

Part Number: DRV2625


We are interested in utilizing the DRV2625L with a small disc/pancake ERM motor (Jinlong/Kotl C0720B015F), which has a rated voltage of 3.0V and a maximum (overdrive) voltage of 3.3V.  Additionally, we are interested in using the included Immersion library of haptic effects. 

We were looking at the datasheet for the DRV2625 in section (Internal Memory Interface) and noticed that the Immersion library for ERM motors (Library B) shows a rated voltage of only 1.3V.  Will we need to do something to scale the waveforms from 1.3V up to 3.0V for our motor, or is that done automatically?  

Thanks in advance for your help!

- Michael