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DRV10983-Q1: DRV10983-Q1 not responding to speed command

Part Number: DRV10983-Q1

Is it not possible to control Motor thru PWM duty cycle (i.e. 0 - 100%) thru the SPEED pin? Isn`t the BEMF Kt, and Phase resistance a parameter of the motor being used?

So far, have only been able to program thru I2C? How can one control the DRV10983-Q1 thru just PWM or Analog without the GUI?

Please advise.

Thank you


  • Mohammad,

    In order to use the SPEED pin for analog or digital control of the motor you must do the following:

    • Connect USB2ANY
    • Launch GUI
    • Configure all of the parameters for your specific motor including the Speed Input Mode (analog or digital)
    • Press the EEWRITE button (this will put your settings in the EEPROM).
    • Turn off device.
    • Disconnect USB2ANY
    • Power up device and SPEED pin will control the operation of the motor.