DRV8312: DRV8312 theta Jc

Part Number: DRV8312

The data sheet list two values for Theta Jc, one in paragraph 7.5 in the "Thermal Information" table and a different value in paragraph 7.6 in the "Dissipation Ratings" table.  Why are these values different?  What is the intended use case for these two values.  We are performing thermal simulation and are wondering which to use.  The values are quite different , 5X.  Perhaps describing how the two values are measured would allow me to choose the best value to use for my situation.


Keith K.

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  • Hi Keith,

    We will have to research this. The revision history shows the standard Thermal information was added in October 2013.

    The other information was in the original datasheet, but how the values were measured is unknown.

    I hope to have an answer by mid next week.

    Rick Duncan
    Motor Applications Team