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DRV8353: DRV8353

Part Number: DRV8353

Hi, here some questions about the drv8353 ic

1. Is VCP larger than VDRAIN?

2. In figure 32 on page 36, how to turn the high side mosfet on?

I need more detail about the operation when the high side mosfet is on and low side mosfet is off.

3. Are the figures of p mosfet connecting to VCP and CGLS wrong?


Bojun Wang.

  • Bojun,

    VCP is only ~13V at it's maximum, this voltage is stacked with the Vdrain voltage present at the device switch node to give the HS gate a strong turn on voltage.

    What is your application?

    Usually the HS and LS FET turn on is controlled in order by the microcontroller as the output 3-phase motor is driven and spins.

    The VGLS and VCP are correctly connected, these are both used to turn on the LS and HS FET respectively.