DRV2625: about auto-calibration

Hello E2E,

Our customer is considering adoption the DRV2625 for next resonant device module.
Few days ago, they obtained the DRV2625-EVM, and connected with their resonant device.
The resonant device resonant frequency is 100Hz, resonant impedance is about 15-ohm.
Initially, auto-calibration process is not Done, and GUI status collar is Red. Resonant frequency was been set to maximum.
I suggested register address 0x2A value to modify from default to 0x02. PROCESS_DONE flag is "1".
However, the resonance frequency was set to the maximum without changing.
With other resonant device connected, DRV2625-EVM is indicates a normal value.

:Does TI grasp similar case?
:Does the DRV2625 have restrictions on the impedance of resonant devices?
:If TI has idea for resolv, please let us know it.


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