DRV8302: 3-Phase Driver internal regulator issue

Part Number: DRV8302


I am using DRV8302 for Gate driver circuitry as well as Buck Regulator.

At the beginning the circuit was working OK, but during testing my motor stopped working and i found this issue.

The current sensing circuit was not working properly .The output voltage of Current sense amplifier (SO1 & S02) is showing 0V.??

where my reference voltage is 5V. So as per the datasheet the when the current is 0A the output of Current sense amplifier should be 2.5V, but here it is 0V ?? How ?? also the Voltage across GVDD and AVDD is 0V. 

The input voltage at PVDD is 24V. 

Kindly suggest any solution for this also any measure that need to take to avoid such issue in future

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