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DRV8353: DRV8353RS Buck converter not starting

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Part Number: DRV8353

Hi ,

I am testing my new hardware with DRV8353RS. I supplied it with 20V.

Schematic of DRV8353RS connection:

When I connect 20V to +UBat, i am waiting for 5.3V at output, but there is 0.5V without loading. If i load output to 100 OHM, there is 0V.

The following signals are present at the buck converter pins:

- SW: short  50kHz pulses:

- VIN: DC 20V

- VCC: DC 7V

- BST: some 50kHz pulses with 7V level:


- RCL: DC 0.2V

- RT/SD: DC 2V

- FB: DC 0.2V

- Current consumption ~50mA, DRV8353RS heats up.