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BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM: Is there any high voltage motor driver other than TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT?

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Part Number: BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM


I want to get a motor driver from TI. Is there any less expensive high voltage motor drivers other than TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT? I saw that there are boostxl-drv8301 or boostxl-DRV8305 but these are for low voltages, I need a driver with higher input voltage range (less than 150 V).



  • Ata,

    The maximum VIN we support in the Brushless Motor Drive group is currently 100V.



  • In reply to Adam Sidelsky:

    Thank you for the response.

    Could you please tell me which one of your drivers supports 100V?

  • In reply to Ata Khiabani:


    Please check the DRV8353 EVM or the DRV8350 EVM. Both of these drivers accept up to 100V. Please note that this 100V must include any headroom for things like back EMF or voltage spikes caused by heavy de-acceleration or braking of the motor. For these mechanisms we recommend 20% headroom so the VIN applied should be ~80V unless you can guarantee the VIN won't exceed 100V.