DRV8305: Protection for Driver and Braking help

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Part Number: DRV8305

Hi Support team

Working on a robot drive with my customer. They are using the DRV8305 to power a motor and drive a robot.

First question, do you have any info on how to protect the drv if the system is powered and they is manually accelerated, so for example if the rotor is being driven and then someone pushes it fast. Ditto when unpowered if someone pushes or pulls the robot?

Second question E-braking. Currently they barks by shorting the windings to ground. Do you have a better idea? Because this is a large and heavy robot, what about braking when going down a hill? Any suggestions. 

I can add more info via email.

Regards Jeff Coletti

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  • Jeff,

    Thanks for posting on the Motor Drives Forum.

    1. Could you share your schematic? This will help us answer.

    2. This is the best suggestion as this will allow the current to recirculate and dissipate the most effectively.