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DRV8704: DRV8704EVM

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Part Number: DRV8704


There is conflicting message on datasheet of the DRV8704 about the SCS PIN which I have highlighted on the attached picture.

When sending a SPI command/ message does the SCS PIN need to be HIGH or LOW?

From the diagram it seems to be high but the text says:

"To complete the read or write transaction, SCS must be set to a logic 0."

Is there any example code that shows SPI read operations for DRV8704 for Code Composer ?


Mikias Mekonnen

  • Hi Mikias,

    SCS must be high when sending a command to the DRV8704. To complete the command, SCS should transition from high to low.

    Please see the thread: https://e2e.ti.com/support/motor-drivers/f/38/t/620828 for an example scope capture.

    Also the firmware for the DRV8711EVM can be used as a code example. The operation of the SPI is very similar to the DRV8704.

    The firmware can be found here:  

    Rick Duncan
    Motor Applications Team