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DRV10983-Q1: Sensorless motor drive for a small motor at 60 RPM application

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Part Number: DRV10983-Q1

Hi ,

I would like to drive a small BLDC motor (2 poles 3 slots) at 60 RPM for a special application.  Some motor parameters are list below:

My question is that is it possible to drive a motor at such low speed with DRV10983-Q1?

Is there any other suitable part number?

Thanks for your answering.

  • Hi Vincent,

    At such slow speeds of 1 Hz electrical frequency I do not think the DRV10983-Q1 will be able to drive your motor because the BEMF will be so small the device will not be able to detect it. I suggest, for applications where you are driving something so slowly, that you use a motor with sensors because I dont think that any of our sensorless motor drivers will work for you.