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DRV8889-Q1EVM: DRV8889-Q1 EVM GUI issue

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Part Number: DRV8889-Q1EVM

Hello Team,

I installed the DRV8889-Q1 EVM GUI and faced a issue.

When I opened the "DRV8889-Q1-1.1.1.setup-win_7.2.0.exe" file, below popup appeared.

I can't choose [Accept button] in this popup due to some reason. So I Can't installed this GUI. My OS is windows 7.

Can you let me know how to choose accept button?


Yuta Kurimoto

  • I resolved by myself by below procedure.

    Click the property of "DRV8889-Q1-1.1.1.setup-win_7.2.0.exe" ⇒ select the compatibility mode as Windows 7"


    Yuta Kurimoto

  • In reply to Yuta Kurimoto:

    Hi Kurimoto-san,

    Thank you for providing your solution.

    Best Regards,
    Rick Duncan
    Motor Applications Team