DRV2624: Voltage time pair data format in RAM

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Part Number: DRV2624


Is the 7-bit voltage value used in the voltage-time pair for waveform creation interpreted as a 7-bit signed value? Thus 0x3F would be max positive voltage and 0x41 would be the max negative voltage. 

Section mentions: "Data is stored as interleaved voltage-time pairs. Voltage in the voltage-time pair is a 7-bit signed number with range –63 to 63 when in signed data format, and a 7-bit unsigned number with a range of 0 to 127 when in unsigned data format. The MSB of the voltage byte is reserved for the linear ramping mode."

In previous sections of the datasheet, it mentions negative values are interpreted as braking (180-degrees out of phase for LRA, or reverse direction for ERM).

1. Why would you ever interpret this value as unsigned?

2. Do you need to set this interpretation as signed or unsigned anywhere?



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