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DRV8303EVM: Got the EVM. Not able to start working on it. Need someone to give me a direction to start.

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Part Number: DRV8303EVM

I have two questions.

Firstly, I want to TUNE the Telcomotion motor which is provided in the kit. Where should I start? Is there a procedure? What should I read? Which document? Would it be the user guide? DRV8308 IC datasheet? or something else? I need a direction to start working. I have tried the HIT-n-TRIAL process but that didn't work.

Secondly, I want to connect my own motor with the DRV8308EVM. I am not sure about the connections. I have seen the waves on the U, V, W on the oscilloscope and the connections looks alright to me. Also, below image is what I have found after comparing (wiring). Is that correct? If not, what is the right connection?

My Motor: file:///C:/Users/vsalla/Downloads/07410268.pdf || https://www.bodine-electric.com/products/brushless-dc-motors/34b-series-bldc-motor/3500/

Thank you in advance!

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