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DRV8332: Control BLDC motor with DRV8332 and micro-controller

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Part Number: DRV8332

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use DRV8332 to control BLDC motors. I don't have much knowledge of controlling BLDC, so I have some questions:

-------1/ In figures 13 and 14 in DRV8332 datasheet, it is shown that we could use 6 pins (PWM_X and RESET_X) to control BLDC motors. I don't know if we could use only three PWM_X pins to control BLDC motors?

-------2/ I am trying to understand how to control the PWM pins by looking at their waveforms, but it doesn't help. I wonder if there is any document to read about that?

-------3/ Is there any sample code for the microcontrollers to use with the driver?