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Part Number: DRV8353RH-EVM

Hi all,

Me and my team think about DRV8353 chip, because he have option 1x PWM (save MCU and development time).

After test TI DRV8353rh demo and compare it to DRV8353RH with 1x PWM option - We found that the motor in 1x PWM mode make a lot of noise.

DRV8353RH TI demo setup: include DRV8353RH-EVM board + ISO-F28027F (as controller in 3x PWM mode) + "DRV8353Rx 1.0.1" software - the motor run very well and very quiet.

DRV8353RH with 1x PWM setup: include DRV8353RH-EVM only (R48 R50 R52 with 0 ohm, remove R31, remove R23), PWM 40Khz 20% duty cycle 3.3V, INCH and INLC connect to 3.3V - a lot of noise and isn't possible to build project with DRV8353 1x PWM option. 

Any suggestion?