DRV8904-Q1: DRV8904-Q1 Independent Half-Bridge Operation on All Channels

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Part Number: DRV8904-Q1


I am looking to use the DRV8904-Q1 to operate 4 independent small motors uni-directional.  I am assuming that I can use each channel of the DRV8904 to operate an individual motor via internal independent 8-bit PWM.  I would connect motor + to a channel output and motor - to GND.  I assume recirculation would always be available through the body diodes of the lowside FET of each half-bridge.  I also assume each channel would provide independent short circuit and OLD features.

I want to confirm this since the datasheet always shows bidirectional motors connected to dual channels for full bridge operation.  Figure 68 does show passive OLD in the configuration I need, but I want to confirm that I can do this with 4 independent half-bridge channels of the 8904.

Are my assumptions correct?  Are there any caveats to using the 8904 in the manner i am describing?

Thank you.

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