Issues with MCSPI1 MultiChannels

I am using a PandaBoard for development but this issue is more related to the MCSPI1 port.  I have both a SPI flash and a FPGA connected to MCSPI1.  CS0 is used for the SPI Flash and no chip select is needed for the FPGA since the SPI  is only used to configure the FPGA at start up.

I would like to configure Channel 0 for the SPI flash and Channel 1 for the FPGA.  During start up, I need to configure the FPGA first.  No matter what I do, I cannot get Channel 1 to work.    Since I don't need a chip select for the FPGA, if I use Channel 0, then I can configure the FPGA.

Here is one strange thing that I saw when I was stepping through the code using Channel 1. Only Channel 1 is enabled, Channel 0 is disabled.   The STAT registers for  Channel 0 is 0x0 and for Channel 1 is 0x2 which is what I expected.  I write the first value into the TX register.  The STAT register for Channel 1 becomes 0 but Channel 0 becomes a 0x7.  I don't know how the STAT register for Channel 0 can change since the channel was not enabled.

Any idea why this is happening?