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change the sdram elpida EDB8064B1PB-8D-F to elpida EDB8164B3PF-8D-F for pandaboard

HI I am using  the http://omapedia.org/wiki/4AI.1.7_OMAP4_Icecream_Sandwich_Panda_Notes for my 4460 pandaboard.

Because the stop production of  the elpida EDB8064B1PB-8D-F, I have to change it to  EDB8164B3PF-8D-F.

But the times of the EDB8164B3PF-8D-F is different from that of EDB8064B1PB-8D-F.

How to configure the xloader 、uboot and kernel ?

I know that 4470 SOMs uses the   EDB8164B3PF LPDDR2 memory . Can I use the code for 4460 pandaboard ? Or use something else   LPDDR2 memory ?

Are there any patch?



  • HI , I have the same problem.

    Any suggestion?


  • In reply to yaoguang hu1:

    If you contact your TI representative, there is an application note available that describes LPDDR2 settings for OMAP in detail.  To summarize for your situation ...

    1. There are no DDR changes in the u-boot.

    2. In the x-loader, look at the struct defined in /cpu/omap4/sdram_elpida.c, which is assigned based on the OMAP type in the function __ddr_init().  You will need to change this to use the correct DDR struct (see the struct used for OMAP4470).

    3. In the kernel, modify the EMIF setting in the board file (such as /arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-44xx-tablet.c for the Blaze Tablet): emif_devices.


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