IPIPE support in OMAP4660 using V4L2


I am trying to capture YUV data on OMAP4660 using my sensor. I added the V4L2 support in my kernel with reference of link https://www.gitorious.org/omap4-v4l2-camera/pages/Home. I am able to capture RAW frame from sensor using  CSI2 module.

But now I want to add IPIPE support in my kernel to process the RAW frame to YUV data conversion. I already added IPIPE support in my kernel and tried to capture video frame. But I could not able to capture that frame. I tried to debug the problem and found that SYEN bit of ISIF module set to 0 after one frame processing.

Would you please give me proper source code of V4L2 with IPIPE support? Is anybody had tried this.