Drop in Replacement for TI parts # LM337K STEEL, TPS2550DBV and LM391N-100




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Please suggest any drop in replacement for TI parts


TPS2550DBV and


Apprecaite your guidance.



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  • Genius 12925 points

    For the TPS2550 the web is showing TPS2552 as the replacement.

    LM337 is still active

    Not showing anything for the LM391

    Unfortunately because these three parts are from different product families Its hard to get someone to help here.  I am going to move this thread to our etc support forum but I would recommend you make a post for each part in the applicable area of the support forums.

    The forum you have posted in is to provide feedback on the community site not for product support.


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  • Raja,

    For the LM337K, there are ST Micro devices in stock at digikey. I do not know if they are still in production.

    Ron Michallick

    Ronald Michallick
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  • The LM391N-100 has been obsolete for almost 13 years (since 1998). To the best of my knowledge there was never a second source for this device.