TS3A4751 / Spectrum of Capacitance ,leakage current and Supply current

Hello E2E team,

I want to know below information for using TS3A4751.
If you can't open these information, please kindly let me know it.

1.Spectrum of Capacitance 
Spectrum and variation in lot  of "CNO(OFF)/CCOM(OFF)/CCOM(ON)

2.Spectrum of leakage current
Spectrum and variation in lot  of "NO OFF leackage current / COM OFF leakage current / COM ON leakage current.
3.Relativity of Supply current and VI
In my understanding there is relativity between Supply current and VI.
So I would like to know supply current in our condition.
Our condition is as below.
For I/F using.
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Ryuji Asaka
  • Hello again,

    I post more information.
    Customer use 40pcs of TS3A4751 as chain.
    One of the TS3A4751 has minimum capacitance and leakage current.
    but if we use 40pcs that has big difference between Min and Max.
    So , I would like to know distoribution.
    Then calculate total capacitance and leakage current an supply current. 
    Concerning Supply current, when VI=0V and V=V+ supply current is minmmum in my understanding.
    And supply current will be max when VI became half of V+.
    If my understanding is incorrect please let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka 
  • In reply to Ryuji Asaka:

    Hi Ryuji,

    I am looking into this and will have an answer for you shortly for the capacitance.

    For leakage current, these min/max values are already provided in the datasheet.




  • In reply to David Fischer:

    Hi David,
    Thank you.
    I wait answer.
    For Leakage current,  there are big diffrence bitween "40 x min" and  "40 x max".
    Please see the below picture as my image.
    Customer need like this information .
    And how about supply current (Positive-supply current "data sheet P3") ?
    There is max value of 0.75uA (Full temp) under the condition of " V+=3.6V and VIN=0 or V+".
    Is this condition of max of supply current ?
    If VIN =1.8V , will be supply current decreased from above condition's value ?
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka
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    Hello Ryuji,

    I will be taking over this for David as he has urgent matters to attend to.  Please my answers below:

    1.  This is still being looked into.  

    2.  The leakage currents are specified in the datasheet as described above.  Customer can expect no more leakage than the max value across temp and process.  Are these values not acceptable to the customer?  Why does the customer need this data?

    3.  Supply current has no dependency on the input voltage to the switches.  regardless of if there is 1 V 2 V etc on the switches the same voltage is applied to gate of the switch to turn it on. 



  • In reply to Andrew_Mason:

    Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for the information.
    I got informaion of input capacitance and supply current.
    And sorry for late reply and my infuccient explanation for leakage current.
    I'm checking further background...
    And I will post  again tomorrow.
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka
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    Hello Andrew,

    I'm waiting customer's reply.
    I post again after get the reply.
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka
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    Hello Andrew,
    Sorry for the late reply. 
    Please see the attached pdf file and below as diagram and detail of background.
    If there are any questions please let me know.
    Customer's request Dead Line:
    Circuit description:
    Customer measures DUT off Leakage current by this circuit.
    1 of the “DUT-Current Measurement Unit” line is turned on when measuring
    DUT off leakage current. Other lines are turned off.
    If total Leakage Current is over 110nA , current measurement accuracy will be Low.
    When total lekage current is over 110nA, they can separate circuit.
    Request Data:
    Customer' request is 3σ of below Leakage current parameter at over 10 lot.
    Data Condition, Ta=85℃,  V+=3.6V
        -No off leakage current
        -COM off leakage current
        -COM on leakage current
    Target spec :
     Analog Switch TOTAL Leakage Current≦110nA/1 current measurement unit
     TOTAL Leakage current =1 * Ino(off) + 41 * Icom(off) + 1 * Icom(on)
       If 3σ=2nA, customer’s calculation is as below (for example).
    I got comment  which customer  want to use TS3A4751 as possible.
    We explained that we can’t guarantee request data. And customer accepted it.
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka
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    Hello Andrew,
    Complement about request data.
    I posted that request data is distribution.
    But I confirmed 3σ value is ok as customer's request data.
    Then, customer can estimate total leakage current.
    For example,
        -No off leakage current   : 3σ =2nA
        -COM off leakage current   : 3σ =2nA
        -COM on leakage current   : 3σ =2nA
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka
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    Hello Ryuji,

    I have checked char data and it correlates with the datasheet for the leakage values specified.  Customer should plan on worst case leakage currents specified in datasheet as it is very possible to get parts that have near the max leakage.

    This data is taken across temperature and corners.



  • In reply to Andrew_Mason:

    Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for checking the char data.
    I will check about handling of this issue.
    And if need, I will post again.
    Best Regards,
    Ryuji Asaka