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Power loss/Power restore manual switch


I have a situation on a fixture I am designing, I have a burn in fixture that I designed for our production floor. The problem I am having is that if/when we have a power outage the fixture kicks back on automatically. I am looking for some type a switch that can handle the line from the building utility that would prevent power to be reapplied to the fixture. I need the switch to restore power manually and not automatically. Is there a switch out there that I can drop in the line 115VAC to prevent this from happening?

Thanks in advance?

  • June,

    TI's Switches and multiplexers are typically used to isolate and route analog and digital signals. These types of devices are tiny semiconductor devices (2mmx2mm) that will only be able to turn on and off 0.5 A of current. It sounds like you are looking for a more robust device that can turn on and off more current. I will move this thread to the load switches forum to see if they have a device that can meet your needs. If they don't have anything I would look at some relays or mechanical switches that can handle a lot more current than these tiny semiconductor devices.

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  • Hi June,

    What voltage and current are you trying to switch?


    Alek Kaknevicius

  • In reply to Aleksandras_Kaknevicius:

    I am trying to restore power to the fixture. At 115VAC and 10A.
  • In reply to June Enriquez:

    Hi June,

    We do not have any integrated power switches which can do this voltage switching for you. I will move you over to another forum to see if another group has a solution.


    Alek Kaknevicius