Comparator Troubles ?

Good afternoon,everybody. Please allow me to express my appreciation to you for taking time to read my post.

I am a new hand in electronic field and I met some troubles now.

My question is quite simple.Please look at the following picture:


If it is low level while delaying a long time. How to solve it? Can I add an electrolytic capacitor--10uF in the left of R9?

Yeah,are the wrongs related with LM211DR ?

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  • Hello Ling,

    Sorry...The LM211DR is supported by TI. I assume you are using the TI version.

    How long is "A long time". Are you trying to increase the delay or eliminate it?

    What is the output swing of U5?

    Adding a capacitor to the left of R9 places a capacitor on the output of the Op-amp, which is NOT recommended.


    Paul Grohe

    Low Power Amplifiers and Comparators (LPAC) Applications