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DRV2605L: Problem with sequencer

Part Number: DRV2605L


I am having problems with sequencer. It seems it only plays first three samples and then stops, or if there is pause between effects, they are incorrectly played.

Motors are ERM from precision microdrives, driven in open loop. I was testing all haptic libraries, but with the same result.

Data sniffer on I2C shows that I am sending correct sequence.

What am I missing?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

  • In reply to Kelly Griffin:

    Kelly Griffin
    Hi Sasa,

    It looks like you have your waveform sequences set up correctly: 0x04 = 0x01; 0x05-0x07 = 0xA0; 0x08 = 0x01.

    Dear Kelly,

    This is where we were wrong :)

    When sending data over I2C to drv2605l, first byte is address of device, second is register address, and third is value to be written to said register. Every other value after is written in subsequent register.

    I thought I have to write every register address before writing value.

    I hope my mistake will be helpful to someone.

    Best regards

  • In reply to Sasa Milovanovic74:

    Hi Sasa,
    I'm glad you found the error! Thank you for posting the answer here for all to learn .

    Kelly Griffin
    Application Engineer