DRV2665: Can this part drive a piezo chip with the DC voltage needed to hold it in the actuated position?

Part Number: DRV2665

From the datasheet it is not clear if the output is an AC waveform only. I need the hold the actuator in potions not cycle quickly back and forth. Will this IC support this need? 

I need full on and full off only. Can I use the EN_OVERRIDE to turn on and off instead of playing something through the FIFO?

Thank you!

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  • Hi Zach,

    Thank you for posting to the E2E forum. Maybe the DRV8662 would be a better solution for your project if you don't need the FIFO. You could set the inputs up to provide full output signal and then use the enable pin to turn on and off the outputs.

    Kelly Griffin
    Application Engineer