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DRV8662EVM: Suggestions for FET switches for connecting multiple actuators

Part Number: DRV8662EVM


Hope you are well. I've previously asked about connecting multiple actuators for the DRV8662EVM, and the suggestion was to use FETs to switch between actuators. (https://e2e.ti.com/support/other_analog/haptics/f/927/t/589703)

We've tried to use such method with a 100V MOSFET from Infineon (072N10N), but we're having some difficulties. From what I understand, our issue is that the capacitance is high for MOSFETs, so there is coupling of signals, especially a problem when using FETs for AC signals.

If it's not too much trouble, would it be possible for you to suggest some MOSFETs that are compatible with the DRV8662EVM or other switching methods?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  • Hello,

    Hope you're well. We're still having this switching issue and would really appreciate your help. Or is there any other TI forum that we can ask for such issues?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hello Kate,

    I am really sorry for the delayed answer.

    I will check this issue with our team and get back to you as soon as possible!

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    Hi Kate,

    Sorry I have been travelling and didn't get a chance to look into this. I think the issue is that this FET can drive a huge current (80A). Therefore the FET capacitance is very large.
    I would suggest a smaller FET similar to the BSS123NTR. This can only support up to 100V on V_DS, so you may want to only drive ~90-95V across the FET.

    Kelly Griffin
    Application Engineer

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    No worries and thank you for your reply. Just to confirm, would this work for AC switching as well? From what I understand, AC switching requires two MOSFETs connected by gate and source. With a smaller FET, could we simply use 1 for switching?

    Thank you for your help.