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DRV8662EVM: Changing waveform frequency and Controlling EVM Modes without pushbutton

Part Number: DRV8662EVM

Hi Kelly,

Hope you're well. I have two questions about the DRV8662EVM. The first is about changing the waveform frequency.  I know that the MSP430 can be reprogrammed to change the waveform, but is there a simpler way to change the frequency? Or do we have to use the full set (Code Composer Studio + JTAG + MSP-FET) connections to alter the frequency?

The second question is about controlling EVM modes. Is there some way we can define the default EVM mode without the pushbutton? For instance, when the EVM is turned on, it is directly set to Mode 6: External Analog/PWM Input.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your help.