DRV2605: DRV2605 product feature

Part Number: DRV2605

Hi Team,

customer is evaluate the DRV2605 and they got some questions below that need BU helps for comments.

1. In ERM mode, can the DRV2605 be able to output the constant voltage(average) no matter what input voltage is? Not like the higher input voltage, the higher output voltage.

2. The same question in LRA mode,  can this device be able to output(Vpp, Vrms) constant voltage no matter what input voltage is?

3. In LRA mode, what is output Vpp? is it output Vrms x 1.414 x 2?

4. According to the product data sheet that say the DRV2605 has an overdrive feature, customer wants to know what is the overdrive function and purpose? Will it possible to damage vibrator?




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  • Hey Arthur,

    1. & 2. For the first two questions: the output voltage level is set by using the rated voltage register, 0x16. Now, this device does have a slightly varying output voltage over the power rail range. It is a small variation, I can look it up if you need it. We improved this functionality with the line reg compensation feature in the DRV2625 device.

    3. Yes, that would be the formula.

    4. The purpose of the overdrive function is to start the movement of an actuator itself quicker. That would mean, the actuator is able to overcome the starting torque much faster, and then the overdrive function turns off in order not to damage the actuator. It will not damage it if it runs in a closed loop and if the settings are in compliance with the data sheet.

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