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How to design two AFE5809 for realize a doppler measurement with 16 piezo?


I want to design a Doppler circuit with two AFE5809s, and use 16 piezo elements to realize a Doppler measurement. The analogue to numerical conversion, is realize with an ADS8472 like the AFE5809 datasheet proposed (‘’CW Supporting Circuits’’ section). In attachment, you can find my proposed circuit (multiple AFE in application note).With this circuit; I have a couple of question.

1 :  Can you say me if my proposed circuit is good? And if is not can you give me the good one?

2 : If my circuit is ok, What is the routing constraints of the differentials pairs? Does the diff pairs of CW_IPAFE1_OUTM, CW_IPAFE1_OUTP, CW_IPAFE2_OUTM, CW_IPAFE2_OUTP, CW_QPAFE1_OUTM, CW_QPAFE1_OUTP, CW_QPAFE2_OUTM and CW_QPAFE2_OUTM must have the same lengths?


Finally, we have pay the AFE5809 dev board, can you say me if can i have the Gerber file or eventually the Altium, Cadence files...of this AFE5809 dev board? Can you send me one of them?

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