LM98640: LM98640 ESD pulse

Part Number: LM98640


I'm using the LM98640 component in a new design.

The input of LM98640 is connected to another component through a 100nF capacitor.

In my design, there is a risk of overvoltage before the capacitor. This pulse can pass the capacitor and a peak voltage of 15V peak current of 800mA could appears on the input pin OS-. Maximum energy provided by this pulse is 7.2µJ.

By simulation of the HBM ESD test, it seems that the input of LM98640 is capable to handle more than 11µJ.I simulate the input pins by a resistor of 16 Ohms connected to a DC voltage (VCLP).

Could you confirm me that such this pulse (15V peak / 800mA peak / 7.2µJ) canno't dammage the LM98640.