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AFE5807 - question about integrated ADC


I've got a little problem with AFE5807.
I found it difficult to determine, whether it has 12 or 14-bit ADC.
In description of AFE5807 on TI website there is 12 bit, but
underneath in the AFE's comparison table there is "12, 14-bit".
Same situation in datasheet - first page - 12-Bit, 80 MSPS.
OK, but on "Theory of Operation/ Analog to digital converter" pages I found that there are 14bit ADCs for each channel,
what is more, there is another information suggesting 14 bit resolution: page 31, register map, adress 4[2:0].

I must be certain. So what is (maximum) the resolution finally?

Second question: are there any specialized powering solutions suggested for AFEs?


Damian C.