LM98714: What's difference between LM98714BCMT and LM98714CCMT?

Part Number: LM98714


Could you kindly advise me what's different LM98714BCMT from LM98714CCMT? Thanks.

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  • Hello James,

    I am moving your post to the Imaging AFEs forum where the device LM98714 is supported.

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    Praveen Aroul

  • In reply to Praveen Aroul:

    At the present time there is no difference. However, it appears that in the past, there needed to be two different part numbers because the CCMT was converted to RoHS compliance in 2006, but the BCMT wasn't converted to RoHS compliance 2008. You can see this information on the Quality and Reliability tab in the product folder.

    James Lockridge

    Analog Motor Drives