problem with TX-SDK-V2 kitX


I am from Tours’s University where a part of my activity is focused on research aspects, mainly on ultrasonic probes modelling and development, and the second part is a teaching activity. I teach in an engineering school and  specifically in the electronic and and electrical engineering department.
This year, we decided to develop few courses on electronic applied to ultrasonic imaging, and for this, we bought (by means of FARNELL)  the TX-SDK-V2kit from TI. It contains all the basic elements that constitutes the instrumentation chain (in emission) of ultrasonic imaging. We have also bought the kit for the reception chain.
The kit TX-SDK-V2 that we have received was not working, we have so received a second one to replace it. This second kit was functional.
We have used it few times (5) since we received it. The transducer used was a probe centered at 6 MHz. Each time, the procedure specified for applying the bias voltage was followed precisely. Few days ago, at the end of the experiment, we observed that the power supply used to provide the bias voltage of the substrate (-50 V) began to draw a current too higher. 1 mA must be drawn, and we observed more than 7 mA, and indication of short circuit was given by the power supply. We have so stopped the experiment. Of course, we followed the procedure to switch off each voltage source.
We are so stopped in the project progression with students, and we need councils in finding origins of the problem, which are the three components, according to you, would be damaged ?
Have you some basic tests to follow in order to detect the problem ? Of course, is there a possibility to find another set of samples ?
I hope that you could help us.
Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
Very sincerely
Dominique CERTON

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