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TX-SDK-V1 Evaluation Board for the Ultrasound Transmit Solution


Customer asked me few questions about the power: (TX-SDK-V1 - bought the EVM)

1. Can I connect the two -50V together (VSUB and VNN) ?

In the user manual it says something blurred: what does it mean “However”?  what will happen? :

“ Note that VSUB and VNN (negative HV supply of the LM96551) may be tied together and powered by the same -50V to minimize the number of bench power supplies.

To do this, jumper J_SUB (see Figure 4) must be configured in the “1-2” position.

However, it is recommended to configure jumper J_SUB in the default “2-3” position such that VSUB and VNN are separated.”

2. If I do connect them together, should I turn both VSUB and VNN first in the “ON” sequence and last in the “OFF” sequence.

3. For all power signals, what will be the ‘0’/ ‘1’ logic level ?

4. when I turn the power supply “Off” , there may be up to 0.6V.

5. Please approve that a power supply with a Ripple and Noise <1% or 50mV pk-pk, and Voltage Accuracy <1% of set voltage will be good for the EVB TX_SDK_V1

Any recommendation or block diagram for connecting the “power supply” to the “sequencer” with the PC and to the “EVB TX_SDK_V1” ?

  • or tell me if the rules bellow is what I need to do :

The sequence to turn the system on should be:

      1. Turn on the PC
      2. Turn on and initialize the sequencer – make sure it in at “off” mode for all output voltage.
      3. Make sure the power cable, green Phoenix connector, in not connected. Our power supply in normally “ON”, and I need to inhibit it, when I what the power to be “OFF”.
        This is way I need to keep the power cable out when I start, to prevent the Voltage spike when you turn the power supply “ON”.
        I did not add a buffer/relays/transistor  between the power supply to the EVB TX_SDK_V1, Yet.
      4. Turn on the power supply.
      5. Connect the power cable, green Phoenix connector (after 1sec).


By the way - it is not possible to enter TX-SDK-V1 as a part number!

  • Hi Elad,

    Unfortunately, the LM96551 is a lifetime buy product. This is also the reason the EVM is no longer available on ti.com. If this is a new design that is being researched using the EVM, I would recommend selecting another device. I have discussed with other product lines in TI, and there are no other TI solutions that have the same functionality.