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TSC2003EVM Driver Installation Issue

  I have purchased TSC2003EVM kit. I tried to setup TSC2003EVM with our development board. Completed step 1 to 8 mentioned in the README-INSTALL.txt[Used Installation CD]. observed "Unknown" driver prompt when we connect USB cable to PC. Also tried the steps 9 to 12 for driver installation and not able to install driver successfully. 

Question - 

 can you pl help me to install PC driver for TSC2003EVM. Is it possible to share the driver package to do manual installation of driver? Is there any setup details are missed in this procedure?

Test Setup Details

* PC Operating System - Windows XP SP3
* Intend to use USB based power source for TSC2003EVM. Not changed any jumper setting changes and tried to use factory defaults.
* Connected X+,X-,Y+ and Y- signals from our development board to TSC2003EVM.

  • Hi Saravanan,

    In Step 9, can you find  any NI-VISA USB devices in the Device Manager list?

    In Step 10, if TSC2003EVM shows up, finish the Steps 10 and 11. Otherwise, if TSC2003EVM does not show up, still, update the device in Device Manager, note that:

     - Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)", and click on Next>.

     - Select "Don't Search. I will Choose the driver to install", and click on Next>.

      - If TSC2003EVM is inside the list of "Model", click on it to select it. you are done.

     -  Otherwise, if it is not there, your PC's "Add Hardware Wizard" provides a list of "Common hardware types", find and click on "NI-VISA USB Devices".

    -  Click on "Have Disk..."

     - elect "Browse ...",

    - Go to the original Step 11.

    Hope the above helps! If you still have problem, call me (214 567 4838) during regular working hours and I can go through with you.


    Wendy F.


  • In reply to Wendy Fang:

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks. I have tried your suggestion and still not able to install PC driver. Pl find attached screenshots.

     "NI-VISA USB Devices" not shown under "common hardware types" and  TSC2003EVM not shown under update option in device manager.

    can you share the complete driver package with INF and DLL files to do manual driver installation? Is there any setting needs to be done in TSC2003EVM board to use with PC?



  • In reply to Saravanan Sampath:

    It seems you missed some steps during the setup. With your pc and the pdk ready and call me (214 567 4838), and I can go through with you step-by-step to setup your PC.

    Wendy F.

  • In reply to Wendy Fang:

    Hi Wendy,

    Could you please post the resolution to the problem here? I purchased the EVM recently and am getting the same issue. Thank you very much.



  • In reply to AJ_ee:

    Also, I followed the steps outlined on the README INSTALL file exactly and still got the same problem as described by Saravanan